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dental surgery costs
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With the increasing number of dentists nowadays the working on teeth management has moved to an extensive level. Dentists are coming up with better and unique tooth treatments and surgeries.

The prices for these treatments are also reasonable as the increasing number of dentists have pushed this profession on to a competitive platform. The prices for these treatments are charged according to skills, techniques and experiences of the dentists as far as cosmetic surgeries are concerned.

Teeth whitening, smile makeovers, etc refers to cosmetic dental surgeries. The dental surgeons are working hard to extend the smiles on the faces of every patient they treat.

There are different costs to different types of treatments like if the patient is opting for tooth whitening then Laser Whitening would cost Rs.5500, Home Whitening would cost Rs.4500, Zoom 2 costs Rs.13000 and Advanced Zoom 2 costs Rs.16000. There are also other categories of whitening like Cool White costing Rs.11000, Bright Smile White costing Rs.18000, Crystal White costing Rs.7500 and Radii White costing Rs.9500. There are two types of Porcelain Crowns.

They are Ni-Cr Regular and Ni-Cr Aesthetic. Dentists may charge Rs.5500 for Ni-Cr Regular and Rs.8000 for Ni-Cr Aesthetic. There are also two types of categories under Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns. This treatment includes Co-Cr Regular and Co-Cr Aesthetic. Co-Cr Regular costs Rs.9600 and Co-Cr Aesthetic cost Rs.12000. Porcelain Veeners and Metal Free Crowns are of four types. These four types of treatments include Feldspatic, Zirconia, Empress-II, 3M Lava Crowns and E-MAX. The cost of Feldspatic is Rs.10800, Zirconia is Rs.20000, Empress-II is Rs.12000, 3M Lava Crowns is Rs.17500 and E-MAX is Rs.14400.
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